All New Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric

All New Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric


Efficient, Smart, Versatile.

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All New Kangoo E-Tech ML19 E-Tech start rc

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100% electric

without compromise

Plan your daily commute with peace of mind. Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric has the latest lithium-ion battery with a 100% usable capacity of 45 kWh. Performance or space? No need to choose. By storing its battery under the floor, Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric also makes the most of its loading volume.

What’s more the Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric comes with a 22 kW 80 DC charger, which means you can take advantage of the public network of rapid chargers that provide 80% of the battery in around 40 minutes.

If you are charging from home you can ensure your Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% is ready for your day ahead. With compatible smart home chargers you can ensure you have enough energy in your battery for your planned journeys. On cold mornings you can even pre-heat your cabin by scheduling a morning charge with the Kangoo Van E-Tech’s remote setting energy efficient heat pump and climate control – so your cabin is comfortable, whilst you still have 100% driving range.

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up to


of driving range (WLTP)



or 120 hp



in 30 min

improved 100% electric

With an improved range of 300 km (WLTP) and all the features of the diesel versions, all new Kangoo E-Tech 100% electric provides a practical and efficient alternative to the traditional engines.

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