The National Car Test is mandatory and is often approached with apprehension. But by preparing your vehicle for the test in the Renault network, you can save time and money. Our experts will help you pass it with no problems.

NCT: When to do it?

If your vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tonnes, you must have it inspected at regular intervals:

  • 0 - 2 years - no NCT test required.
  • 3- 9 years - tests are carried out every 2 years
  • For vehicles over 10 years old, the test should be carried out annually.

If you are unsure about when your vehicle is due and NCT you can find out at the NCTS website.

What are the points that are inspected during the NCT?

The NCT test consists of inspection of 61 aspects of the vehicle operation. 118 points are inspected, the failure of any is subject to a mandatory return visit. The principle functions concerned are:

  • The braking system
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Lighting and signalling
  • Suspension components
  • Emission and sound level
  • Steering
  • Power train
  • Visibility
  • The identification of the vehicle
  • The bodywork
  • Electrical system

Among these functions, three constitute the most common cause of failure to pass the NCT: front suspension, lighting, braking and wheels.

The current failure rate for the NCT is 50%.

The Renault solution

Entrusting us with your vehicle to prepare for your NCT means benefiting from many advantages:

  • The pre-NCT is free
  • A replacement vehicle at a preferential rate can be made available to you during the pre-NCT of your car.
  • An estimate of any potential failure items identified will be provided prior to any work being carried out.
  • The estimate is free if repairs are required before the NCT and are carried out at the Renault workshop.


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